New earthquake hits Nepal

Today, Nepal suffered from another terrible earthquake. The epicenter was located near Namche Bazar, the largest village in the Khumbu valley, the valley leading up to Everest Base Camp.The earthquake also severely damaged other regions of Nepal, among them, once again Kathmandu.

Because of communication problems, it has been difficult to get information from the most affected areas, but the damages are believed to be very serious, as the magnitude is reported to be at 7,4. So far 45 casualties and 1100 injuries have been confirmed, and an unknown number of buildings have been damaged.

Our thoughts and hearts are with the victims again struck by a natural disaster. We will keep on working here in Nepal, and we hope that you will also continue to support us from home through through sharing our cause and by donating to

ES87 2100 3098 3721 0067 3827.


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Notes from today’s meeting

We met this morning for to go through what we have been doing for the past few days, and to plan together what projects we will be focusing on for the next days. Yesterday, we had two different teams going to three villages in the Sindhupalchok area to gather information about their situation. Based on the information collected yesterday, we were today able to discuss their necessities, and our possibility of helping them. Until now, our main priority have been to distribute food, but we see now that the needs have changed, so we will no turn our focus to build shelters strong enough to endure the upcoming monsoon.
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