Notes from today’s meeting

We met this morning for to go through what we have been doing for the past few days, and to plan together what projects we will be focusing on for the next days. Yesterday, we had two different teams going to three villages in the Sindhupalchok area to gather information about their situation. Based on the information collected yesterday, we were today able to discuss their necessities, and our possibility of helping them. Until now, our main priority have been to distribute food, but we see now that the needs have changed, so we will no turn our focus to build shelters strong enough to endure the upcoming monsoon.


We then divided our group into three teams to discuss different matters:

– Team number one started planning our work to build shelters. We have gathered information about how to obtain materials and the cost of these, transport it to the villages were we will build, and how to build them.

– Team number to have been discussing the necessities of the villages we went to yesterday, and also received information about new villages were we might be able to contribute. We have also been planning what we are going to in the next few days.

– Team three have been talking about fundraising, and the possibility of cooperating with other volunteer groups.


Plans for tomorrow:

– Buy materials and build a prototype shelter.

– Two of us are going to a small village in the Dhading district, about five hours drive from Kathmandu. We will go together with a local boy from this village. We have heard that this village is very affected by the earthquake, and desperately needs help. We will gather information there about how we can help them in the best way possible.


We continue our work here in Nepal with pride, and we hope that you will also continue to support us through sharing our work and contributing in any way possible.